Chelsea Art Museum’s ‘Terror’ Cancellation Heats Up


As a rule, nothing is ever as simple as it looks at first glance. Such is the case with a story we reported on on Friday morning, about the Chelsea Art Museum canceling an exhibit about terrorism because of museum president, Dorothea Keeser‘s dislike of its content and how that so angered the museum’s curator, Manon Slome, that she handed in her resignation. But no, it was not that simple. Not in the slightest. And we return to the original source of the information, Art Fag City, who wound up getting the middle of the conversation in two posts, the first of which comes from talking with one of the artists involved and then with Keeser herself, defending her actions and ideas. Then a second post returns to talking with Keeser about how Slome, after not being able to agree with proposed changes to the exhibition, both cancelled it and resigned in one fell swoop. It’s a lot of confusion, finger pointing, and if you find yourself a bit bewildered by it all in the end, believe us, you’re not alone. Still, interesting to see a big blow-up played out in public like this. We’ll watch and see what happens.