Checking in on the Building of MOS’s P.S.1 Courtyard

About this time every year, we always start getting jazzed about the annual Young Architects Program at the MoMA‘s P.S.1, and this year is no exception. For a quick recap, an up and coming architect or firm is chosen each year to build a temporary pavilion-esque landscape in P.S.1’s courtyard. Last year was the firm WORK, who built the stellar, multi-layer “Public Farm One,” and this year, as we reported on in detail early this winter when being outside in warm weather seemed like a cruel, cruel joke, the firm MOS was selected as the creators of this year’s landscape. We’re days away now from the opening on June 28th, with July 4th being the big official kickoff celebration, so we thought we’d check in to see how everything’s going. Architectural Record has a nice recap of the whole project, including some details on the building process. Even better, on MOS’s site, you can check out a handful of photos the team took this very week of where they’re at right now in the assembly, as well as some older posts featuring earlier pictures of the manufacturing and some words about their plans for the temporary structure. Although, from these latest pictures, it looks like they still have a long way to go, we’re already getting tingly, expecting it to turn out great.

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