Check Trending Photos On Facebook With Pixable

This clever sharing application lets you browse through friends' photos based on how many people liked, commented, or were tagged in them.

Forget about having to go to each of your friends’ profiles to check for new pictures, after Facebook notifies you on your news feed: Pixable now lets you browse through all your friends’ photos based on how many people liked, commented, or were tagged in them.

Launched today, Pixable lets you wade through your friend list and get straight to the photos everyone is talking about. The layout is pretty straightforward and you can switch from viewing by category to viewing pictures of a specific friend, and vice versa. You don’t have to go to anyone’s profile to look at their pics, and you may stumble upon pictures of friends you had “forgotten” about when browsing through categories.

If you decide to view images by category, the options are pretty focused: You can see pictures that are trending today, this week, this month, or you can check the best of this year or prior ones. There are also categories for best profile imagery, photos with girls, and photos with guys.

But let’s say that I’m wondering what my friend Priya has been up to. I simply browse by name and Pixable searches for her in real time . As soon as I click on her name, I access her albums, and I get the option to “Follow” her, or receive notifications whenever her photos are uploaded. What’s really cool about Pixable to me is that once I do click on a specific picture of a friend, I am given the opportunity to keep browsing… through categories. This way, what began as me wanting to check what Priya was up to becomes, once again, an opportunity to check other highly rated pictures, or best of last year or… you get the idea. Of course, you can also choose to continue browsing through your friend’s album photo, as you would if you were on her profile.

This functionality could become even more useful if users could make up their own categories. But for now, Pixable offers enough options to not make you feel you need much else.

Mashable says that Pixable eventually plans to also pull in friends’ photos from other photo services, such as Flickr. That certainly would take the experience to another level.

Have you tried Pixable yet and if so, how do you like it?