Check Out the Top 10 Brands on Tumblr

Disney and Facebook generate lots of buzz

Tumblr has work to do before becoming the next big marketing channel, but that hasn't stopped brands from getting on board with the hip publishing platform. Union Metrics shared a top 10 list with Adweek after studying a month's worth of Tumblr activity in regards to Interbrand's top 100 ranking of global brands.

A quick snippet: Disney and Facebook are killing it on Yahoo-owned Tumblr.

"For the purposes of this research, we looked at the entire conversation happening on Tumblr, so this is beyond just individual brand blogs," a Union Metrics rep explained. "This allowed us to understand the organic conversations that were being driven by fans. Fun fact: In the month of data analyzed, the top 10 posts about each brand were created by fans."

Check out those data points and more in the infographic Union Metrics put together.