Check-in to Foursquare or Facebook at DFW & Get Special Offers at Airport Concessions

I remember paying $11 for eggs, toast and a small orange juice at an airport years ago. I was as surprised that no meat (bacon or sausage) was included in the package as I was by the price. Well, actually, anyone who has bought food in an airport knows that the prices are high. However, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) may be able to help out a weary traveler who has a smartphone.

DFW International Airport Launches Groundbreaking Mobile Integration For Travelers Using Foursquare and Facebook Place: Smartphone users access concessions deals and special offers based on precise terminal locations

Customers who check in via social networking [Foursquare or Facebook Places] at any of DFW’s five passenger terminals will have access to special concessions deals and discounts offered within a few yards of their location. Offers through this program can be redeemed at 85 concessions in the terminal area. Vendors include Starbucks, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Brookstone, Hudson News and Reata Grill.

DFW’s survey of passengers at the airport found that 84% had a smartphone and 36% were using location based social networking services.

Via Yahoo News: DFW Airport launches social networking deals campaign

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