Check-in to Facebook Places using inPulse Bluetooth Watch & a Smartphone

Video courtesy of FreeUpYourHands
I’ve been following the inPulse programmable Bluetooth wristwatch since it was a BlackBerry-only accessory.
Watch to Display BlackBerry Alerts? Many Have Tried This Idea, None of Have Succeeded So Far (Oct. 20, 2009)
It became much more interesting recently when it became useable with other mobile phone platforms and its programability was extended to end-users (who are programmers).
inPulse: Programmable (C/Python) Bluetooth Watch
Engadget (via Make) reports on an app developed by inPulse’s Lead Designer to check-in using Facebook Places from the wrist watch (see video above).
inPulse Bluetooth smartwatch gets Facebook Places check-in app for Android (video)
File this under “very cool.”