Check-in To Events with Foursquare. Events at 50,000+ Venues Covered

It turns out that the Foursqaure for iPhone update I wrote about yesterday has a bit more functionality than was announced with the update.

Foursquare for iPhone 3.4: Inline Photos, Bigger Buttons, Happier Users

Foursquare announced today that the same updated app now lets you check-in to events too.

For when a place is more than just a place, we now have events

Foursquare partnered with three companies to simplify identifying and choosing event check-ins.

1. ESPN: Sports events
2. Movies
3. Songkick: Concerts

ESPN and are providing content beyond location and time. Both are providing background information about events they list. SongKick is adding a competition to win a year’s worth of free tickets into the marketing mix. The three events information providers covers events happening in more than 50,000 venues.

If you use something other than an iPhone, hang in there, Foursquare says they are working on supporting other mobile platforms.