Check foursquare Photos In to Flickr with FlickSquare

Tweet, and ye shall receive: After Charlie O’Donnell of First Round Capital sent a Tweet saying, “Can someone hack a Foursquare app that cc’s my checkin photos to Flickr?,” developer Benny Wong responded with FlickSquare, an app that allows foursquare users who upload photos via the location-based mobile app’s recently introduced photo check-in feature to send those photos to Flickr, TechCrunch reported.

Flicksquare also adds venues checked into by foursquare users and links to check-ins with the photo info, according to TechCrunch, adding that foursquare’s machine tags were also incorporated into the app.

Wong told TechCrunch, “I’m surprised it’s being so well-received. I spent an afternoon throwing this together since I’m in New York and I was snowed in on Sunday.”