Check-In CES: Pocket-size Health

Miniature devices provide insightful data

Monitoring one’s health was once limited to annual visits to the doctor’s office, with the exception of home scales and thermometers. Today, the technology needed to provide insightful, trended data on your health can fit comfortably inside your pocket. Two of the most intriguing miniature health devices on display at CES are the Zensorium Tinké and Skulpt Aim.

Zensorium is notable for being a pioneer in connected health, having first appeared with Tinké at CES 2012. This elegant device – a 2014 CES Design and Engineering Award winner – is specifically designed to keep its users calm and in control of their bodies. By tracking their heart rate, breathing, and blood oxygen, the user is encouraged to maximize their Zen, noting elevated levels of stress and striving to recover and maintain bodily consistency. All of this data is collected by placing a finger onto the device, which then plugs into an iPhone to transfer data into a proprietary app.

Another CES Award winner, the Skulpt Aim, gives users the ability to track their body fat in a much more granular and scientific way than most consumer-grade devices. It is calibrated to individual muscle groups to account for the variation in conductivity between different parts of the body. This not only allows for more accurate data, but it lets the user monitor their progress at the muscle group level, giving them a more holistic view of their muscular development. The device is small enough to be slipped into a pocket or discretely brought into the gym.