Check-In CES: Haptic Headphones

Transmitting sound simultaneously through skin, ear, and bone

Health technology meets entertainment at Able Planet, a company known equally for hearing aids and consumer audio. Their new Linx Fusion line of headphones takes the best elements of both to create a new multi-sensory device which transmits sound simultaneously through skin, ear, and bone. The haptic element of these headphones – often referred to as “bone conduction” – transmits sound directly into the skull, circumventing the ear itself and directly stimulating the brain. Most significantly, this technology gives these headphones the potential to let hearing impaired people hear again. But Able Planet eventually realized that this technology had application outside of the health industry. Compared to other haptic headphones on the market today, the large surface area and even application of Bayer ViviTouch technology gives the Linx Fusion better sound than previously possible, making it a viable and high-quality alternative to traditional headphones.

The Linx Fusion is an example of how more industries, such as assisted living, are finding opportunities in the consumer electronics market. As trends like the Internet of Things and haptic feedback become engrained in the minds of everyday consumers, these companies are enticed by the lucrative potential of the broader consumer market. The result is great for consumers, who get access to an entirely new set of technologies which were once reserved for commercial or industrial use.