Check-In CES: China Ups Its Game

Huawei’s presence may be symbolic, but its hardware lineup can compete

Huawei is a major electronics manufacturer in China, but is still relatively unknown in the American market. Fortunately for CES attendees, their undaunted presence at CES shows a continuing interest in expanding their international consumer efforts. This will give the US audience the rare opportunity to see the entirety of their extensive line of mobile devices, including the rumored octa-core-powered Honor 4 and the Ascend W3, the next in their line of excellent Windows Phones. Both models could make their debut here at the show, underscoring the importance which Huawei places on CES. Rumors are also swirling around an entrance into the wearable technology market, presumably through a new smartwatch.

Huawei’s designs provide some compelling insights into the consumer trends which are evolving inside the Chinese market. Last year, they showed the six-inch Ascend Mate “phablet,” which was an early indicator of a growing consumer interest in larger form factors which eventually culminated in the release of Samsung’s 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega. This year, they have teased a 6.1-inch update to the Ascend Mate line which boasts a faster processor and significantly improved camera.

Huawei’s presence here may still be symbolic as much as anything, but their lineup of hardware is strong enough to compete anywhere, even in a crowded US consumer market. Nonetheless, they face a difficult challenge in establishing the brand recognition necessary to make that a reality.