Cheap Android Tablet Tricks

As the Christmas shopping season gets closer we are starting to see more lower price tablets being sold that run Android. This past summer Kmart briefly sold an Android tablet for $150, and now Walgreens is selling a $129 tablet exclusively on their web site. (Note Walgreens was originally selling the Maylong tablet for $99.) Someone has managed to root the Maylong tablet and install Android 2.1 which enables it to run newer apps, though at slower speeds due to slower processor. I wouldn’t be surprised if some better ROM images are developed by third parties that further optimize software to get better performance.

It will be interesting to see how well the lower priced Android tablets are received. As with some user experiences that I have read, it sounds like they could be good enough for people with the right expectations, such as installing a minimal number of apps. The nookcolor might be a wild card in the low priced tablet arena. Of course, Barnes and Noble is not selling the nookcolor as a tablet, but it has many of the capabilities as tablets and is being controlled in such as way as users won’t be able to install apps on it that won’t run well.