GQ India Editor Reminisces About NYU Days

Che Kurrien, who majored in journalism, now practices it with great success.

GQIndiaJanuary2017CoverFor a success-themed January 2017 special issue, GQ India editor Che Kurrien penned a piece about his own professional journey. Washington Square is a long way from Mumbai, but that’s where it all started for Kurrien, who studied journalism at NYU around the time of 9/11.

The article is crowned by a photo of Kurrien’s former downtown apartment building, shot during a recent return visit. The edifice remains unchanged. From the piece:

I had some savings from working a deadbeat market research job in New Jersey, which I used to pay for my tuition at NYU, and to rent out an apartment in the East Village that I shared with four students from the Tisch film school. Most evenings were spent on the roof drinking 
40s of Miller High Life, then devouring $1 hotdogs at the no-frills Gray’s Papaya.

The day’s plan was determined by serendipity: One night my roommate Dean discovered that Ziggy Stardust was playing on 70mm at a fading cinema on Houston Street, and bought us tickets. I entered the dark, cold hall not knowing what to expect–and left two hours later bewitched and transformed forever. A few days later, I witnessed 70-year-old reggae master Burning Spear give the most hypnotic performance, the air in the Edwardian theatre rife with songs of revolution and smoke from the kindest bud.

Adding to the fun of the piece is that fact that 15 years later and back in New York, Kurrien enjoyed much fancier digs at the Andaz and Park Hytatt hotels. Not to mention some fellow lodgers much more well-heeled that those of his old NYU days.