Follow What’s Trending With Black Twitter Users On ‘The Chatterati’

Did you know that the black community indexes significantly higher than other groups in terms of Twitter use? 26% of black Internet users are active on Twitter, compared to 14% of whites and 19% of Hispanics. Interesting, no?

The folks at The Root think so – and they’ve created The Chatterati as a result. It’s the first-ever digital tool that tracks what is trending with Twitter’s black audience in real-time.

The Chatterati curates top hashtags, top stories, top retweets, and most favorited tweets among the black community on Twitter.

The site is sponsored by Toyota Avalon and aims to offer critical insight into the topics, storylines and hashtags the African American social media community is tuning into. And The Root will showcase social news stories within The Chatterati, as well as highlight staff picks of Twitter’s best photos, most inspiring and funny tweets, and more, all being shared by black Twitter users.

“THE ROOT’s ambition has always been to shine a spotlight on the wide variety of views that African Americans bring to any subject,” said Donna Byrd, Publisher of THE ROOT. “The Chatterati fits right in with that mission, putting into clear focus what the black community is paying attention to on this critical social media platform. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this important resource to our readers and the community at large, and we’re grateful to Toyota for acknowledging the significance of this endeavor.”

When asked how the list of black influencers was created and if people opt-in to be included, Lauren Williams, Deputy Editor at The Root, told us the “the list was handpicked using our institutional knowledge of influential people in the black community and on Twitter. People do not opt-in, but we are adding to the list all the time.”

And in case you were wondering (and you will after visiting the site), a “nod” is when a tweet has been either retweeted or favorited.

The site can be accessed here – via’s homepage. You can read a daily recap from The Chatterati by signing up for the The Chatterati e-newsletter, which will launch in a few weeks and be powered by THE ROOT.

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