Chatsum Beta launched

One interesting project launched beta testing few days ago. This project is Chatsum. What is Chatsum? It is add-on for your web browser that lets you chat with all the other Chatsum users that are looking at the same website as you.

Chatsum lets you:
* Chat live with other people who are looking at the same website as you!
* Find out what other people think about the websites you’re looking at!
* Leave messages on any website you visit!
* Read messages left on websites by other Chatsum users!
* Browse the Chatsum community’s favorite websites!
* Hunt for treasure in our unique online treasure hunts!
* Find people that like the same sites as you and then CHAT TO THEM!

Today it is available for Firefox users as , but later will be launched also version for Mac OS users.

I didn’t receive yet invitation for beta testing and I can’t tell you do it works well, but I’m sure that this project have potential to be widely used Firefox extension (and later also as widget for safari Mac users).

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