Chatroulette Makes Its Not So Triumphant Return With Version 2

Well folks, Chatroulette is back after a long week of down time! Those of you who have been patiently (or impatiently) waiting to find out what the new site would bring, you can now sleep sound knowing that the video chat site is back and, if anything, has been downgraded. That’s right, Chatroulette V.2 is basically a streamlined version of the original site that adds nothing new except for a confusing interface and technical difficulties.

I spent a better part of this morning trying to get the site to work on my computer. At first, it wouldn’t recognize my web camera and, once it did, I wasn’t able to click on the button that is supposed to take you to see the next Chatroulette user – a button that is completely unlabeled, by the way.

Once I finally got the site up and running I quickly skipped through two chats with half naked men and one advertisement for an adult website before my camera froze and the site stopped working again. It looks like founder Andrey Ternowsky fell short with his hopes of making the site a little less adult-oriented.

In fact, none of the ideas that Ternowsky suggested for the new Chatroulette came to fruition. He had spoken about making the new site chat free, and there is still just as much chat as ever, though the chat box has been moved to the bottom of the screen. Additionally, the Localroulette and Channelroulette features, which the site launched in July, are missing entirely from the new site and the old links lead to a page that says simply, “Page Not Found”.

The only real noticeable chance is the customizable layout, which allows users to click and drag the video boxes around the screen and make the chat box larger or smaller. Check out the screenshot below to see how the new site has been “improved”. Have you tried out Chatroulette V.2 yet? What do you think about it?

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