Chat With Friday From Robinson Crusoe In New Interactive eBook

Digital publisher Frankbooks has taken Daniel Defoe‘s classic novel Robinson Crusoe and added modernized it with interactive storytelling features. For example, Friday, Crusoe’s servant in the book, tells his story through Facebook status updates.

The eBook lets readers interact with characters from the story and do things like chat with the characters through Facebook. Readers can also connect with other readers to discuss the characters and stories via the social network. We’ve embedded the trailer for the new eBook above so you can check it out.

The Frankbooks Facebook storytelling tool is available for authors and publishers to add to their own books. The idea is to create a new form of social storytelling that lets authors create Facebook pages for their characters and then integrate these pages into their eBooks.

Here is more about it from the Frankbooks website: “Using the integrated Facebook connection, the author can establish new characters or different points of view commenting on his actual story. Readers can also interact with the author, a character in the story or other users via this online connection. It’s like having a global book club inside each Frankbook, accessible 24/7.”