Chase Community Giving Makes a Comeback on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

Twice before, Chase Community Giving has had high points during which it claimed over two million MAU. More recently, it has had fewer than 100,000. But Chase is on the way back up on this week’s list of emerging Facebook apps, defined as those still under a million monthly active users.

Following Causes, Chase is one of the few philanthropic apps we’ve seen survive well in the long term. It’s the top non-game app reported by AppData, below, with 310,570 new MAU:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Verdonia775,927+763,669+6,229.96
2.icon Fashion World934,094+404,652+76.43
3.icon Chase Community Giving499,918+310,570+164.02
4.icon Zoo Kingdom588,227+246,149+71.96
5.icon Millionaire City773,922+240,746+45.15
6.icon Profile Picture Analyzer!347,522+204,514+143.01
7.icon Phrases938,393+145,907+18.41
8.icon Mahjong777,658+139,106+21.78
9.icon Trivias Locas – Trivias, encuestas y tests269,740+130,211+93.32
10.icon NanoStar Siege639,776+128,206+25.06
11.icon Maya Pyramid197,270+127,408+182.37
12.icon Sweet World487,668+115,916+31.18
13.icon Goooaaal237,316+112,921+90.78
14.icon ¿Qué tan fanático eres de Toy Story?123,774+108,775+725.22
15.icon scoremaster120,132+108,549+937.14
16.icon sProphet212,404+102,562+93.37
17.icon – Clicks Racer Challenge501,866+101,291+25.29
18.icon Photobucket935,770+99,371+11.88
19.icon Riksdagsvalet 2010215,995+97,563+82.38
20.icon Become the Avatar253,560+96,943+61.90

The two games on top, by the way, are pretty interesting — especially Verdonia, which is one of the few intensive strategy games that we’ve seen really take hold on Facebook. We’ve got more coverage on the whole category over at Inside Social Games.

Profile Picture Analyzer!, at number six, randomly assigns numbers to your picture for beauty, sexiness, coolness and intelligence; it has been growing for a few weeks. Random number generation has been popular of late, as well as quote and phrase of the day apps, which is where Phrases, the next app down, fits in.

Spanish-language apps are doing well this week. Trivias Locas – Trivias, encuestas y tests is a quiz creator, although it also stresses trivia, as the name suggests. ¿Qué tan fanático eres de Toy Story? is an individual quiz about the movie Toy Story.

Down at number 15, scoremaster is a fantasy soccer app benefiting from the World Cup. That’s probably also the case for sProphet, in with the s stands for “sports”. Finally, a non-Swedish speaker might look at Riksdagsvalet 2010 and assume it’s also soccer-related. On the contrary; it’s a prediction app for the Swedish parliamentary elections, which must be especially exciting this year.