Chartboost Partners with Chukong Technologies to Expand Into China


Mobile game discovery and monetization platform Chartboost has announced its partnership with mobile games company Chukong Technologies to expand its reach into Asia, providing Chinese developers with the tools necessary to find new players and monetize their games to achieve increased revenue and higher user retention.

As a mobile market, Chartboost says China is expected to be worth more than $3 billion by the end of 2014, and its presence in the area will help developers make the most of the region’s fragmented market, which includes over 200 different app stores for potential publishing.

“There are enormous opportunities in emerging mobile markets, and this partnership is the first step in a larger global strategy for Chartboost,” said Maria Alegre, CEO and co-founder of Chartboost. “Working together with Chukong, we can empower Chinese app developers to get the exposure and data they need in the fastest-growing mobile market in the world.”

Over the next few months, Chartboost will release localized features to Chinese game developers to help them get the most out of the company’s technology and toolset.

In the west, some of Chartboost’s most recently released tools include post-install analytics for tracking user activity and engagement after users download apps, retargeting for isolating non-paying players in an attempt to convert them into paying users, and a newsfeed tool for instant in-app communication with players.

“After using Chartboost’s analytics for our titles launched in North America, we believe their technology is just what Chinese developers need,” added Lei Zhang, US general manager of Chukong Technologies. “The combination of Chartboost’s tools and our local market expertise will provide a premier monetization solution for the millions of China-based app developers.”