Chartboost launches Video and InPlay ads for mobile games


Mobile game discovery and monetization platform Chartboost has announced the release of two new mobile ad units, Chartboost Video and InPlay, aimed at making it easier for mobile developers to integrate video into their games. The new ads give developers the free technology to use in cross-promotions or in Chartboost’s Direct Deals Marketplace.

Chartboost Video is a games-only video technology, and is launching with Rewarded Video. These Rewarded Videos give players the option to earn free virtual currency or in-game items by watching videos. They’ll run on a “Cost Per Completed View” basis, with developers having full control of the design and implementation of their video campaigns. That is, developers can change the look of the ads’ frames for a more integrated look and feel in the overall app.

Meanwhile, InPlay serves as a natural extension of the existing games, meant for for studios with large creative teams who can dedicate the resources necessary to create seamless ad transitions for their players. The customizable ad allows developers to create new art assets built around an ad, creating what Chartboost calls a “seamless and uninterrupted experience” for players.

InPlay ad units can be tracked on Chartboost’s dashboard, giving developers detailed reports and analysis of their campaigns.

“We’re always listening to our partners and because of their feedback we’re excited to extend our platform offerings to additional formats that will allow bigger, bolder and highly engaging experiences,” said Maria Alegre, CEO and co-founder of Chartboost.

“We set out from day one to remove the ‘black boxes’ of mobile and believe the only way to build a successful business is if you have full transparency and control over your data. With Video and InPlay, we’re taking the same approach we took with interstitials to empower game developers to grow their businesses through powerful and relevant experiences for players.”

Chartboost Video and InPlay are now available in closed beta. Developers interested in applying for the beta can learn more on Chartboost’s website.

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