Now You Can Chart Facebook's Demographics

Yesterday Facebook updated their demographic data and announced that the site now has over 140 million active users. We’ve been tracking the site’s growth over the past year and a half and we decided to let our readers get their hands on our data to see what interesting things they come up with. We have been tracking basic data from Facebook over the past few months and now I’ve developed a Facebook demographic statistics tool to let all of our readers track information including country, gender, and age groups.

I’ve already been able to uncover some interesting data and the other people that I’ve shared this tool with have found some really interesting data. In terms of the data accuracy, we are currently using Facebook’s publicly provided information from their ad service. I’m also implementing some data smoothing models and given Facebook’s delay in updating their data we are off by a small fraction.

The current number of users that Facebook’s ad system publicly states is 133 million users whereas the company publicly stated that they are up to over 140 million users. That means we are 95 percent accurate. I’ve considered including a projection factor to make the data as close to accurate as possible but for now I think the existing data will suffice.

If you have any suggestions on how I can make the tool better please let me know. The Facebook application statistics tool that we released a couple weeks ago has been going well but as with all other products there are a few bugs. I’ll be resolving many of those and adding some pretty exciting features in the coming weeks. If there’s anything else that you’d like to see don’t hesitate to ask! Also please do check out the Techcrunch write-up.

Check out a few of the interesting charts we’ve found below:

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