Charmin Deletes Hilarious Thor Tweet

Maybe Geekosystem senior editor Glen Tickle should change his byline for this item to Glen Gigglefit. Because finally, we have a tweet that was quickly PR deleted because it was just Too. Damn. Hilarious.

CharminLogoSeriously, how much harm can you do to a fictional character? Especially when the edgy gag is wrapped around a bit of phonetic wordplay as perversely brilliant as “Asgardian.”

You’re going to have to click over to Geekosystem to see the cartoon image that the toilet paper maker removed. But as Tickle writes, there is really nothing to be ashamed of here:

Usually, when a brand tries to pair up with a movie for some kind of attempt at “viral marketing,” it leaves us rolling our eyes or ignoring it completely, but we love a good pun here at Geekosystem. We also love Thor, Twitter and toilet paper, so this thing is hitting us on a number of levels.

Well done, Charmin. If there’s an award for this kind of thing, we think you should get that award.

Tickle wrote about the tweet earlier today. However, not long after the item posted, Charmin waved the long, rectangular white flag. We suppose it’s possible that an eagle-eyed Marvel or Disney rep interceded here. If that’s the case, boo. Still, thanks to Geekosystem, we will never quite be able to think of the planet Asgard the same way.

[H/T: @ckrewson]