Charm App Brings Video Profiles to Online Dating

The new app from MeetMe takes an different approach to the standard online dating experience which reduces people to a personal ad and a profile picture.

With nearly more than one third of relationships starting online and nearly 50 percent of those relationships resulting in marriage, shallow is the last thing we want when it comes to online dating. The problem according to the CEO for MeetMe Geoff Cook, is that social networking is essentially a highlight real of people’s lives and these aren’t exactly the most authentic moments.

So the MeetMe team created a new video-based dating app called Charm, which enables users to browse and share three -10 second videos. The philosophy behind choosing the video format instead of photos is that video doesn’t reduce people to a profile picture.

“ If you’re in a bar or a coffee house, and you’re trying to decide whether or not to approach someone, you don’t just look at their photo,” Cook says. “You get a sense of their personality by how they interact with others, how they appear; not just a snapshot. Video is really rich for being able to enable that kind of authentic connection.”

Charm’s approach is a completely different take on the standard online dating experience. Rather than writing a personal ad, Charm users provide geographic information, load up to four profile videos, and specify their prefered gender and age range. The only way for users to see each other’s videos is when the criteria are a mutual match.

Admittedly, the key to Charm’s success will be in its ability to attract lots of users very quickly. For this Cook is depending on the novelty of the video experience Charm creates, which he says is the first of its kind on the market.

“Obviously a dating service needs to have a lot of users on it in order to find more matches,” he says. “The trick is delighting users and finding ways to make them want to tell their friends.”

Charm, which launched last week is available in the iTunes Store and will be available for Android devices in the near future.

Photo credit:  qthomasbower