Charlie Sheen’s Wife-Beating Could Be Bad For Business

Actor Charlie Sheen is facing possible jail time for allegedly assaulting his wife during the Christmas holidays. And if he does end up behind bars, he’s not going to be shooting any episodes of “Two and a Half Men.” Which makes it tricky for CBS to sell ads for the hit sitcom. The Los Angeles Times reports:

CBS will likely find itself in the unenviable position this May of having to announce a fall schedule that relies heavily on “Men” without even knowing whether the star will be available to shoot new episodes starting in late summer. That could affect the network financially because the “upfront” market is where the bulk of commercial time is sold during late spring and early summer.

Meanwhile, TMZ has learned that Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller has entered rehab. A substance abuse problem could affect Mueller’s credibility as a witness, thereby weakening the prosecutions case against Sheen. Good for advertising revenue, bad for justice.

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