Charlie Sheen’s Twitpic: Worst First Tweet Ever Or Work of a Winner?

The twittersphere burbled all day long Tuesday after a verified @charliesheen account appeared. The account amassed followers in the hundreds of thousands as people watched and waited, like an especially ghoulish Nascar crowd hoping for a pile up, filled with the expectation that Sheen’s next coke-and-hooker bender would be well-documented in real time.

But on Tuesday night, between appearances on Piers Morgan and 20/20 the first semi-intelligible Tweet came: “Winning..! Choose your Vice… #winning #chooseyourvice” and a link to a Twitpic of the actor and a shapely ladyfriend holding up a container of milk and a bottle of Naked Juice, respectively. Was it a paid product placement? A joke? Evidence of another bender?

It stood in stark contrast to James Franco’ Twitter entree last week. Franco burst onto Twitter with an unverified account at first, but in his first message let people know it was really him with a video. Then again, maybe this was Sheen’s way of letting people know the account was really him, though the lack of a visible prophylactics and controlled substances must have been a disappointment.

In a sense, this is something Sheen had to do. Twitter was about to become saturated with fake Sheen impostors winning their way across the service 140 characters at a time. The only way for him to beat them was to get there first.

And, in all fairness, his second tweet was actually pretty funny: “Just got invited to do the Nancy Grace show… I’d rather go on a long road trip with Chuck Lorre in a ’75 Pacer…”

Sure Nancy Grace is an easy (and deserving) target, but the post (with its reference to Two and a Half Men creator Lorre) seems like the work of a guy getting the last laugh. What Sheen would probably term “a winner.”