Charlie Sheen’s First Twitter Advertisement is… For an Intern. For Himself.

Well, at least it’s nothing controversial. Charlie Sheen has inked his first advertising contract with a specific brand, and the product he’s selling is an internship… with himself. I guess, considering all of the intense self-promotion and aggrandization lately, this move fits with Sheen’s #winning attitude.

One of Sheen’s 2,200,000 followers will be lucky enough to snag a spot as his social media intern, according to Sheen’s latest tweet. They must, of course, have #TigerBlood, and a #Winning attitude. They will be working with Sheen and his staff to leverage his social media networks and promote him on Twitter and elsewhere online.

The tweet announcing this internship appeared last night:

Two tiny letters following a hashtag, “ad”, make this tweet one worth talking about.

While Sheen is clearly looking for an intern for himself, the real beneficiary of this tweet is They are the sponsor which paid for the tweet, and whose link is attached.

Clicking the link in Sheen’s tweet takes you to an job posting for “Team Sheen’s” social media intern.

This ad was made possible by, the social media advertising company that’s been working closely with Sheen to ensure his Twitter success. The company wrangled his @CharlieSheen username from a squatter, and taught him and his team Twitter basics. Now they’re facilitating ads for this unemployed #winner to tweet to his millions of followers, just like they do for other notable Twi-lebrities like Kim Kardashian.

As the LA Times reports, declined to comment on how much paid to be the first product endorsed by Sheen’s Twitter ego. The link has garnered nearly 300,000 clicks thus far.