Can We Please Stop Talking About Charlie Sheen? Here's The Final Recap

The team here at Social Times, is pretty sick of Winning, Tiger Blood and Sheen Mania, so we're going to throw a quick re-cap of everything that's happened to Charlie Sheen this week and then can we please, please stop talking about him? Thanks.

I’m finding it hard to believe, but Charlie Sheen is still winning all over the place, social media style. I have to admit that I, along with most of the team here at Social Times, am pretty sick of Winning, Tiger Blood and Sheen-mania, so we’re going to throw a quick re-cap of everything that’s happened to Charlie Sheen this week and then can we please, please stop talking about him? Thanks.

Okay, let’s break it down day by day – something of a weekly history of Sheen, the ultimate Warlock Winner McGee:

Last Weekend, March 5-6: Sheen’s Korner

Over the weekend Charlie Sheen started his winning Ustream web show, “Sheen’s Korner”. There have been four episodes uploaded so far and each has been viewed by millions. Haven’t seen it yet? Check out the most popular episode, Torpedoes of Truth Part 2, below. “You’re either in Sheen’s Korner or with the trolls!”

P.S. Even Paris Hilton loves Sheen’s Korner.

Monday, March 7: Two Guinness Records In One Day

On Monday Sheen sped past the 2 million follower mark on Twitter, crushing yet another record. He tells Guinness, “might wanna start writing them in pencil.”

On Monday Sheen also announced that he achieved yet another Guinness Record. The second came from the fact that Sheen’s Korner attracted over 100 million views in 2 nights. Is setting this many records in a week some kind of record?

Additionally, on Monday The Gregory Brothers Auto-Tune remix of Sheen’s Good Morning America interview hit YouTube. It has been viewed over 5.7 million times so far.

Tuesday, March 8: Winning Intern Wanted

On Monday Sheen sent out a tweet that he was looking for an intern and on Tuesday the news started to spread like rapid-fire.

You’ll notice the hashtag #ad at the end of Sheen’s tweet. According to Lauren Dugan over at AllTwitter, “This ad was made possibly by, the social media advertising company that’s been working closely with Sheen to ensure his Twitter success. The company wrangled his @CharlieSheen username from a squatter, and taught him and his team Twitter basics. Now they’re facilitating ads for this unemployed #winner to tweet to his millions of followers.” NewTeeVee reports that Sheen is making “six figures” for this endorsement, and an spokesperson said this is in fact accurate.

Wednesday, March 9: Sheen Does His (Maybe) Final Interview

In a Wednesday interview on the Dan Patrick Show Sheen said “This could be my final interview. This is where it all began and where it ends.” Why doesn’t he want to do interviews anymore (aside from the fact that legal counsel has advised him not to)? He says, “Why? All they do is glad-hand me to get into my home, then they vilify me.”

Thursday, March 10: Funny Or Die

Yesterday Funny Or Die launched a hilarious new video starring Charlie Sheen called ‘Sheen’s Winning Recipes’. It’s one of the most badass cooking shows you’ve ever seen. Sheen says, “Yes, I’m doing a cooking show. Why? Because if you haven’t noticed I’m WINNING television right now. My plan is to be the first person to have made an appearance on every television network.” The video certainly is “Winning!” with over 1.6 million views so far. He’s even got his own “Winning” badge to show just how awesome he is.

Unfortunately for Charlie, the night didn’t end on a winning note. According to TMZ, “Sources tell us the LAPD has been conducting an investigation into criminal activity – possibly drugs or weapons. And someone who is at the house tells us cops may be attempting to put Charlie on an involuntary – 5150 – psychiatric hold.”

Friday, March 11: 50 Cops In Sheen’s Home?! Winning!

Early Friday morning Sheen verified rumors of a police raid, but said that “all reports are false”. In the early hours of the morning he tweeted, “The LAPD were AWESOME. Absolute pros! They can protect and serve this Warlock anytime!!!”

And who wants to see Charlie Sheen live? Friday morning he announced that tickets are on sale for his live show, ‘Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth’. The show will be on April 2 at the Fox Theatre in Detroit and on April 3 at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago. Get your tickets at Ticketmaster. According to a Tweet on Saturday, “Detroit/Chicago sold out in minutes.” Did you get a ticket?

Finally, according to TMZ one Sheen fan took the Sheen Meme a little far, getting a Winning tattoo of a bloody tiger with Sheen’s head. Um, actually…I’m not sure that this tattoo is so winning. What do you think?

Here at Social Times we are keeping our fingers crossed that Sheen Mania calms down, but with recent events it’s looking like Sheen is just going to get bigger. What do you think is next for this winning warlock Vatican assassin?