Who's Really #Winning Now @CharlieSheen And His Millions Of Fans Are On Twitter?

Yesterday I wrote about Charlie Sheen’s (@charliesheen) explosive arrival on Twitter, which saw the troubled/free-living star (take your pick) sign up hundreds of thousands of fans in just a few hours. He’s now well above the million follower mark, which is surely a record for the network.
Ever since is very-first tweet, Sheen has made repeated references to ‘winning’, which for him is indicative of how taking matters into his own hands regarding his highly-publicised celebrity meltdown has been a success. You’ll have to judge the merits of that campaign for yourself, but it’s come to light that at least one other Twitter-related organisation might be enjoying a little bit of Sheen-related win of their own.
The Forbes magazine blog has taken a look at Twitpic, the popular Twitter photo sharing service, and analysed how they’ve benefited from Sheen’s arrival on the network. Twitpic (like virtually everybody else) generates an income by serving ads to users. Each visitor to the site adds just a fraction of a penny to their coffers, but with Sheen’s influence those visits have gone through the roof. And then some.
Says Forbes:

The company best poised to capitalize on Sheen’s move to social media would be TwitPic.com, a Twitter-based image sharing website founded in 2008 by Noah Everett. TwitPic.com – one of many photo sharing sites utilized by Twitter users – is clearly Sheen’s service of choice; it has been the medium for six of Sheen’s eleven tweets at press time. Sheen’s first photograph – which features the actor posing with chocolate milk, a Naked juice bottle, and a porn star – has racked up 1.2 million views in less than 24 hours. By contrast, one of TwitPic.com’s most recognizable photos, of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River, has received only 656,000+ views in its considerably longer lifespan.
So how much, exactly, is TwitPic making per page view served? And how is Charlie Sheen helping?
So assuming the site is making somewhere in the ballpark of $3 per thousand page views, how much has TwitPic potentially brought in via its newest celebrity advocate? So far, Sheen’s six photos have racked up around 3.2 million page views. Some back-of-the-napkin math at a CPM of $3 gives us a total revenue number for those six photos at a little bit under $10,000, or around $1600 per picture. Sheen seems to have a way with words, but if the old adage is right, TwitPic shows that those words may only go for around $1.60 each.

$10,000 might not sound like a whole heck of a lot, but it certainly isn’t bad for one day’s work. If Sheen continues his PR assault, and if Twitpic is seeing just a fraction of these amounts from some of the other high-profile celebrity accounts, they might have to start tweeting about all the winning that they’ve been doing, too.
(Source: Forbes blog.)