No More #TigerBlood: Charlie Sheen Quits Twitter

Charlie Sheen set a world record for amassing a million Twitter followers faster than anyone else, but now the #TigerBlood king is stepping down from his throne – Sheen is done with Twitter.

Since March of last year, Sheen has been entertaining us all with his…unique brand of tweeting.

Bringing hashtags like #winning and #tigerblood into the Twitter vernacular, Sheen was something of a Twitter phenomenon. He made it to a million followers just 24 hours after signing up on March 2nd 2011, setting a record for the fastest climb to a million.

By March 4th, Sheen’s advertising agency announced that he was “America’s biggest billboard”, and that he would begin sending promoted tweets to these million or so bewildered followers. And less than a week later, he sent a tweet promoting an online internship website looking for his own “Tiger Blood Intern” – a tweet that generated about 100,000 clicks in the first hour.

But it looks like Sheen’s twitter glory days are now behind him. The vocal “Anger Management” star has shut down his Twitter account.

“Reach for the stars everyone. Dogspeed cadre. c out”

This was his last tweet, sent on Friday just a few hours before his account went dark.

He didn’t offer up a reason for his abrupt departure from the Twitter spotlight, other than to tell TMZ to “follow” his next endeavor.

At the time that he shut down his account, Sheen had reached about 7,700,000 followers.

Will you miss the injection of crazy that Sheen gave to Twitter? Or does his departure leave you shrugging and saying “meh”? Let us know what you think in the comments below.