Charlie Sheen Media Circus Ensnares Aussie DJ

Still never a dull moment. That’s the essence of Charlie Sheen’s day-to-day, for better or worse, to most likely the great consternation of his Mulholland Estates neighbors.

The latest media person to get caught up in the madness is Australian radio personality Scott Dooley (pictured), resulting in a rash of Down Under coverage of his Wednesday-Thursday experiences. Part of the excitement came from the fact that the NOVA FM DJ was heading back to Sheen’s place right when the LAPD showed up last night to search the actor’s home. More about Dools’ two-day adventure, per the Herald Sun:

The DJ was told [by Sheen] to turn up wearing military fatigues and the pair embarked on a “secret mission”, which turned into a short film starring the two men…

Dooley described the actor as “an eccentric guy with means”. “He is rich enough to do every one of his ideas,” Dooley said.

Some of the coverage of Dooley’s adventures has been hilariously off base. Check out this Daily Telegraph (AU) item, which paints a picture of the DJ watching “helplessly” as Sheen is hauled away by the police.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.