Charlie Sheen Is #Winning On Twitter Again

You knew he’d be back, didn’t you?

Charlie Sheen has had loyal fans on a Twitter roller coaster, starting when he gained one million followers in a day (faster than anyone else ever has, even Justin Bieber) at the height of his ‘tiger blood’ and goddess allure and ending with him suddenly saying farewell in July.

And here he is, returning to razzle dazzle us with his uncanny ability to stay alive no matter what he subjects himself to.

His farewell tweet last month was odd, but that was to be expected from the unpredictable warlock:

And his return tweet is equally random, but has a triumphant air, announcing his Dad, Martin Sheen, will be playing his dad on an upcoming Anger Management episode (Sheen’s new show – in case you don’t watch tv).

Oh, those fun-loving Sheens!

It’s weird though (and good to note, in case you plan to ever deactivate your account and come back) to see Sheen’s account just after his return before his follower numbers repopulated:

That one follower was me. Kidding.

He’s now back to 4 million plus followers, naturally. Are you following Sheen’s shenanigans on Twitter?

(Sheen image from Shutterstock)