Can Martin Sheen, Emilio Show Charlie The Way?

This week’s episode of Two and Half Porn Stars featuring Charlie Sheen, a hernia and the alleged home delivery of a “briefcase full of cocaine” suggests that the highest paid TV actor in Hollywood continues to ignore the difference between “the life we live and the live we choose.”

That’s not some hokey life-mantra from FishbowlLA. It’s actually a pivotal line of dialogue brother Emilio Estevez’s character utters via flashback in the upcoming Easter movie The Way, the story of a dad (Martin Sheen, pictured) who ventures to Spain to recover the dead body of his son. The drama is Estevez’s first writer-director effort since 2006’s critically acclaimed Bobby.

We’re struck not only by the fact that it is the saner Sheen sibling who is working with previous TMZ bad boy Mel Gibson (Icon Entertainment is a participant in The Way), but also by the now more-weirdly-dissonant-than-ever parallel collaboration between Martin and Emilio. In concert with the movie, the pair are also finalizing a book for the Free Print imprint of Simon & Schuster, Along the Way. The tome, set for Father’s Day release, is a “dual memoir told in the alternating voices of father and son.”

Estevez almost sounded like he was talking to his brother when he explained the gist of the book in the Simon & Schuster press release. “We hope that our story will communicate an essential message for our times: Film is an illusion. Fame is ephemeral. Faith and family are what endure.” The actor separately told USA Today that Charlie will only be mentioned in passing in the book.

Another strange current Sheen family dichotomy is that while Charlie tries to drink Hollywood under the table, Emilio is having quiet success with his Malibu winery Casa Dumetz. Let’s hope he and-or pops can help Charlie finally vacate “Casa Dumb Ass.”