Charlie Sheen is “America’s Biggest Billboard”, Will Start Advertising on Twitter

Sick of hearing all about Charlie Sheen’s immense “winning” yet? Well, this overnight Twitter sensation isn’t content with just amassing Twitter followers at a record rate – apparently, he will start hocking products in his over-the-top positive-motivation-filled Twitter stream.

If you’re not one of the 1.5 million people who are already following @charliesheen, you still might end up seeing his tweets in your timeline.

Sheen has been on a media binge lately in an attempt to rehabilitate his image, and his Twitter account is part of the efforts. Sheen signed up for Twitter on Tuesday night, and hit 1 million followers less than 24 hours later. Now, it appears as though Sheen and his marketing crew are going to cash in on this huge popularity.

Clickz spoke with Derek Rey, co-founder and VP of media of, the firm that helped Sheen get his @CharlieSheen Twitter username and brought him and his team up to speed on all things Twitter. Rey told Clickz that promotional tweets from Sheen would start appearing “very soon”.

Rey went on to expound on Sheen’s immense popularity and the thirst advertisers have for him now:

“The phrase ‘ringing off the hook’ – it’s beyond that. We’re talking about the top [level] of advertisers ..Charlie’s the biggest billboard in America right now.”

Rey also noted that each of Sheen’s tweets generate between 400,000 and 1.4 million impressions – huge engagement numbers that any advertiser would salivate over.

There’s no word on the details of exactly how Sheen will promote products and services on his Twitter account, but since his first tweet included a twitpic of himself and a lady friend holding up some Naked Juice and chocolate milk, it looks like he’ll have no problem getting behind some serious product placement.

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