East Coast Journo in the Running for Charlie Sheen Intern Job

And then there were 250. That’s how many applicants have made it through to the third round of actor Charlie Sheen’s highly publicized online competition for a summer, social media focused intern.

Among this group is 21-year-old part-time central Pennsylvania journalist Julia Hatmaker, who covers city politics and school issues for daily the Patriot-News. More importantly, she was an intern last summer for the UK government and writes about Twitter trends on her blog Trendtweet. She tells colleague Dustin Hockensmith:

“I first applied as a joke, because I thought I wouldn’t have any chance,” Hatmaker said. “I still don’t think it’s really going to happen, but I would be so excited. Whatever people may think of Charlie Sheen, he’s so smart at using social media to further his brand.”

Hatmaker’s 75-character (or less) initial self-description for stage one of the internship derby was right on the Sheen money, apparently. It read: “Winners don’t have to explain themselves. Only losers do.” By Friday, she and the other 249 finalists (which also include a porn star or two) have to post a two-minute video to YouTube. Good luck!

Update – 03/25/11: A second journalist has been revealed as being among the final group of 250. He is Mike Castro, social media director at KFNS Radio in St. Louis.

Update – 04/12/11: Hatmaker did not make it to the final round of 50.