Charlie Sheen Has Our Attention. That’s A Good Thing?

Charlie Sheen has more than 865,000 Twitter followers. #TigerBlood, #winning, and Charlie Sheen are trending, and just about every news show on the TV dial is clamoring to have one, two, three interviews with him.

Yet, media coverage also questions whether he’s getting all of this attention for all the wrong reasons. Or, to ask the much-asked question: “Is there such a thing as bad PR?” This is evidence that there sure is.

Yeah, we’re on the edge of our seats, waiting for what Sheen has to say next. But it’s because what he’s talking about is pure, unadulterated madness. Despite/due to all his talk of warlocks and invitations from Diddy, there’s already replacement talk for Two and a Half Men, which means he probably won’t be getting that raise he was asking for.

Perhaps in the short term as a novelty, he’ll find himself getting a few offers. (He’s already gotten one for an MTV show via Twitter and another for a drink to help him relax.) But who thinks anyone will offer him a project that would require a long-term commitment based on any comedic or acting talent after what we’ve witnessed?

On the Mediabistro Facebook page, we’ve asked whether you’ll be adding your handle to the long list of @CharlieSheen Twitter followers. In the comments are a lot of simple “No”s and “Nope”s, along with this comment: “No. He’s clearly in need of help and is to be pitied, but we shouldn’t be rewarding his behavior.”

Like many things that come and go in pop culture, this will likely be one more thing to come and go. And then @CharlieSheen – and all of us – will be left with a  few one-liners and catchphrases.