Charlie Rose Has Big Questions For The Candidates


This blog marvels at Charlie Rose’s prodigious energy. Does this tireless questioner of the powerful ever sleep? In addition to the show — and the readings required to ask the right questions — Rose lectures and maintains, we canot fail to note, a formidable social life. Rose spoke at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall to benefit the Ringling College Library Association yesterday and had penetrating questions that Americans should ask the candidates. From The Florida Herald Tribune:

”’What are the forces of change in the world today in politics and economics, science and entertainment? What’s the defining issue for us?

”’Is there a new global order? And there clearly is. There is clearly today a new global order, which China is a part of, which Europe is a part of.

”’What’s going to happen to Iraq? What will it be like in seven months, what will it be like in seven years?

”… ‘This question is: Is this great country, which all of us love, in decline?”’

The full list of Rose’s questions here.

(image via charlierose)