Charlie LeDuff: Who’s Your Daddy?


Author Charlie LeDuff traveled the globe for the NY Times, and now lives in Hollywood, but he’s a million miles away from all the strike action. Why? Because he and his little daughter are at home or driving to Yoga World or going to the park. He writes in Men’s Vogue:

I made a promise to my kin and I’m keeping it. My child will never call someone else Daddy. And so we run our epic little routine: Breakfast. Nap. Walk. Church. Park. Lunch. Nap. Bath. Book time. Toy time. Mommy time. Dinner. Bed. Then a nice glass of Pinot for Papa.

The Mommy and Me Yoga class turned him away, as some of the mommies might feel “uncomfortable” with a daddy in the class. If they only knew.

Gawker, predictably, takes the snide road.