A Charlie Brown Flash Mob Christmas

OK, folks. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make this wonderful Mashable Manhattan stunt go truly viral.

At press time, the site’s inspired Charlie Brown/Peanuts flash mob video has a little over 18,000 YouTube views. It will certainly get more, but if there’s any Internet justice, this thing will become its own, smaller-scale Christmas classic.

We’re not going to ruin it with any further details about what awaits above. Just click and enjoy. Kudos to New York-based Mashable list editor Christine Erickson and her Xmas co-conspirators for this splendifirous digital gift:

What happens when you bring the iconic dance scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas to life? We surprised New Yorkers with a nostalgia-filled flash mob in order to find out.

Mashable this fall has also jumped the toy gun on Halloween and
celebrated Thanksgiving in Times Square with strangers.

[H/T: @LaurieGoldberg]