Canadian Registered Nurse Gets to Know Charles Manson

Released November 30th, the book Charles Manson Now follows roughly 140 previously published accounts of the celebrated California convict. But the new tome is garnering the kind of praise that very few of those previous entries enjoyed.

For example, at press time, each and everyone one of the customer reviews is five-star. Meanwhile, the author of the book, Calgary-based registered psychiatric nurse Marlin Marynick, tells Regina hometown newspaper the Leader-Post that Dr. Phil and The Insider have come calling, part of what will no doubt be snowballing American media attention.

On the book’s official website, Marynick goes into detail about how he came upon the genesis of the book accidentally. He was working on another manuscript about depression and became interested in some of Manson’s surprisingly cogent prison correspondence. The author gradually got to know Manson (via telephone) and associated experts, leading to an eventual face-to-face, filmed encounter with the ringleader at Corcoran State Prison.

We had talked on the phone for almost two years, so we sort of knew each other. Charlie doesn’t see many people; he hadn’t seen anyone in almost a year when he finally agreed to see me, I honestly never thought it would happen…

The main thing was getting past that image I had grown up with. He is a 75-year-old man, but he still has youthfulness about him… The thing I remember most is that he carried himself with dignity, he demanded respect.