Krauthammer Called Ugly Again

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer can’t seem to catch a break. Within two weeks he’s been mocked by liberals for the way his face looks.

Earlier this month on his MSNBC show Martin Bashir played a video clip featuring Krauthammer. When the clip ended he sarcastically apologized for any “young viewers who may have been frightened by that face.”

Last night on Joy Behar’s Current TV show, CBS News Contributor Nancy Giles shared a similar sentiment. Behar began the discussion with FNC host Brian Kilmeade’s recent joke that women at Fox are hired out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

“Think about the guys that are on Fox,” Giles said. “Well, Geraldo [Rivera], he’s not that great looking. Charles Krauthammer was on my list of people that you want to go ‘WHOA!'”

“I don’t want to talk about his looks,” Behar said. “He’s got an unusual face. But he’s very smart.”

Giles replied, “And that’s what he should be hired by.”

Watch the clip here.