Charles Jones Launches CJones & Associates Public Relations


Broadcast reporter turned PR pro Charles Jones has launched his own agency, CJones & Associates Public Relations. Jones spent time as a news reporter for WFTV-TV in Orlando, Fla., WNCT-TV Greenville, N.C. and WOLO-TV in Columbia, S.C., followed by a stint as Vice President of Client Services for Wragg & Casas Public Relations.

By far Jones’ most high profile client during his time at Wragg and Casas was attorney Richard Milstein, who was guardian ad litem (legal guardian) for the late Anna Nicole Smith’s infant daughter. Jones tells PRNewser, “I have never, in my entire life, seen the media so hungry for information on a story. There was a wall of reporters who were just crushing the court house.”

The Smith case was also when Jones realized to the full extent how much communications was being revolutionized by social media. “People involved with Ana Nicole were palling around with people from TMZ, feeding them information. That’s when for me, and the rest of the world, bloggers really became legit,” he said.