Do You Charge $10k For Twitter Advice? This Place Does.

Each day, more companies realize how important it is to develop a solid presence online.

And each day, after more companies realize that tasking an intern or some other low-level employee with its voice online can be fatal, these enlightened folks search online for options.

Maybe they want to outsource their social media work entirely or they could just want to figure out what and how often to post on Twitter.

Regardless of what these folks seek, there are many options available. And all offer varying levels of success online, with some optons costing much more than others. So the question for all the ‘social media makers’ out there is this: Are you charging enough for your services?

All Things D reports that Percolate, a company that helps Fortune 500 brands “create content at social scale” just received a large cash injection – to the tune of $9 million dollars. And it is said to be one of the busiest little start-ups around.

But even more interesting than its niche market or recent funding is what it charges clients: 10k per month. And they’re apparently lining up to pay:

Percolate says it has already signed up a couple dozen Fortune 500 companies, and charges them around $10,000 per brand, per month, for its service.

Percolate says it can help brands figure out what to Tweet, Facebook, etc., by telling them what their customers are interested in reading/hearing about. And it suggests ways to talk about it, using digital assets they already own and stuff they can find on the Web.

What exactly is this voodoo they do for brands? Well, if a recent guest post here on All Twitter by one its brand strategists is any indication, it encourages brands to interact more with potential customers. But some social media types disagree with this advice.

Their basic framework for developing a client’s specific “brew” sounds enticing, no doubt and is certainly valuable . . .

All clients start the Percolate process with a calibration workshop. This workshop allows us to identify key areas and sources that will inform the brand’s publishing on the platform. After the workshop we map the brand’s interest graph against the 6 million+ sources we scrape. This process creates a set of references unique to that brand. We call this set “the brew”.

. . . but would your company pay $10k per month for Twitter and other social media advice?

And if you’re selling your services to companies, does this rate make you reexamine what you’ve been charging? Seems those social media ‘how tos’ are worth more than we thought!

Update: Percolate tells us they’re “solving the biggest challenge brands struggle with on social platforms, ‘What do I talk about?'”

There’s not really anyone that’s doing exactly what we do. Others focus on community management or content creation specifically, but we offer a suite of services including content inspiration, management, analytics and image licensing.

And to put an even finer point on it, as Gigaom observes, Percolate helps brands act like they’re human on social media.

So unless you can do that as well, we guess that $10k payday is still a bit out of reach for the rest of us!

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