Chappelle throwing down: Use Season 3 at your peril


A recent interview with Dave Chappelle carried in his local paper today suggests that the star might be feeling better, but still not thinking clearly.

Chappelle said his possible return to “Chappelle’s Show” is not only far from certain, it hinges on the network not airing material already shot for the show’s third season:

“But I think if they air that stuff, I can’t see how I’m going to be able to [return],” Chappelle told the Dayton Daily News. “That will damage our relationship.”

Let’s be clear: Comedy Central agrees to pay you $50 million dollars. You start taping, bail, leave the network in the lurch, and now demand that they not even air the little work you did.

You know, we used to not want to side with faceless, monolithic media conglomerates; it’s kind of like rooting for the shark in “Jaws.” But lately, Chappelle’s seems to be acting like the poor man’s Franz Kafka – “Burn everything when I’m gone.” The question is, will Comedy Central act as a modern day Max Brod and preserve everything, or toss it onto the ash-heap?