Chaos Continues at Maxim

Staffers, please update your resumes.

452582-800wWe do not envy the staffers at Maxim. In the latest sign that no one really knows what to do with the magazine, Politico reports that publisher and owner Sardar Biglari is about to name himself editor in chief. Hey, might as well!

This is just the latest masthead change at Maxim since Biglari purchased the magazine in 2014. Biglari brought on Kate Lanphear as editor in September of 2014, and while it was an interesting choice, ultimately it didn’t work and she was out in October of last year. Then Biglari named former GQ Style Guy Glenn O’Brien editor at large (yes, instead of editor in chief) in an attempt to once again revamp Maxim. Clearly, that didn’t work either.

The reality is that neither of these moves were productive because Maxim is simply not a magazine people are interested in anymore, regardless of who is editing it.

Now that Biglari is editor, will things finally turn around at Maxim? No! Of course not. But at least you know exactly who to blame when they don’t.