Chaos At Tina Brown’s Newsweek?

Tina Brown’s Newsweek is a different place.

It’s “dizzying,” “high-energy,” and “in a constant state of turmoil,” according to Adweek’s Lucia Moses.

“She literally will order up double what she needs, so the cutting-room floor is getting very cluttered,” one Web staffer who recently quit told Moses.

Brown apparently knows she’s doing it: “Oh, I’m causing all sorts of trouble,” she reportedly said recently. And some folks don’t mind: Howard Kurtz said her energy brings a “dynamism” to the newsroom and that she has a “realistic sense of how to turn this ship around with the resources she has.” But according to Moses, this state might not be sustainable.

Exhibit A: Brown is annoying even big name freelancers. Novelist Tobias Wolff was asked to write a piece for the magazine. But Brown published a similar story in Newsweek by Jonathan Chait and offered to put Wolff’s online instead. “I wouldn’t have worked so long and hard” on an online-only story, Wolff said.

Exhibit B: Brown’s budget is $40 million over the next three years.

This will be interesting.