Channel 4 Gets Dumped


Britain’s Channel 4 takes living la vida verde to a whole new level with DUMPED. The new series leaves eleven unsuspecting volunteers to survive off the rubbish found in Britain’s biggest landfills.

The cast agreed to take part in an eco-challenge, and most assumed they’d be at one with nature in a rain forest or tundra or tropical isle. Hahahaha.

Channel 4’s official version:

Brits are a nation of greedy consumers. Most of us have some idea that we waste too much and don’t recycle enough, but we tend not to think about what happens to our rubbish once it has left our homes. So, how will the volunteers cope when bought face to face with the sheer scale of the typical British landfill? Can they turn the grime and pong of 1000 tonnes of rubbish into a precious resource? Will they manage to eek out a living? Will they be surprised at the quality of life they can carve out of unwanted waste? And will their experience make them think about their own lifestyles? Watch Dumped to find out.

Cannot wait until a US version comes out.