Channel 13/WNET Reportedly Receives $4 Million to Run New Jersey Network

Channel 13 WNET’s new nonprofit goup created to operate New Jersey’s public television network won’t have to pay for management rights. But reports, WNET is set to receive $4 million in fees and grants as part of the deal.

The new WNET subsidiary gets a $2 million grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, previously awarded to the struggling New Jersey Network. says it will also get to keep about $2 million in tower rental fees that private companies pay to NJN.

The state will retain the licenses to the television network, and the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority will continue to oversee it.

A formal announcement of the agreement is expected this week.

NJN, the state-owned-and-operated agency in place for 43 years, will be shut down when the new agreements take effect July 1.