Youthful Reporter Tunes In Channel 101

Talk about a meeting of new paradigms. Today’s interview piece about the evolution of LA video shorts collective Channel 101 was put together not by a public radio veteran but rather one Noah Nelson, a reporter with Oakland based online news service TurnStyle.

Channel 101 is a nearly ten-year-old, voter-driven screening series that was sparked by the gift of a Sony Handycam from Ben Stiller to founders Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab, who have respectively gone on to success with the TV shows Community and Parks & Recreation. TurnStyle is a youthful news organization launched in January and guided with help from some savvy industry veterans. Reporter Nelson eventually gets to the critical component of Channel 101, the idea that the collective’s many layers of rejection are a perfect prelude to dealing with the vagaries of Hollywood:

That’s the secret sauce of Channel 101; anything goes and it’s OK to fall flat on your face because the rest of the comedy nerds and film freaks in the not-quite-secret club will be waiting for you afterward, ready to see what you cook up next.

Along with NPR, TurnStyle’s other main syndication partners are the Huffington Post and Boing Boing.