Changing Media Landscape Dialogues at Columbia


FishbowlNY attended the third annual Changing Media Landscape Dialogues at Columbia Journalism’s journalism school last night. The standing room only crowd included’s Joy Lin, who told me, ”I was here last year and it wasn’t this crowded.” Also packing the room were David McCormick of NBC News, Sig Gissler, the administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes, and Brian Stelter of The New York Times.

Robert M. Frehse, Jr., the outgoing Chairman of the Hearst Foundation, started off the evening by reciving some swag. As Columbia Dean of Students and WNBC tech reporter Sree Sreenivasan put it ”(Frehse) gives us a lot of money and we give him a hat and a mug.”’

The panel included Josh Cohen, the business product manager at Google News, Hossein Derakhshan, and Iranian-born internet activist, Jon Dube, CBC’s director of digital programming, Andrew Lih, author of an upcoming — Fall 2008 — book on Wikipedia, Mindy McAdams, Knight professor at the University of Florida and Michael Rogers, the resident futurist at The New York Times.

Some highlights:

–Sree noted that: ”It’s hard to teach New media … because it changes every day.” Andrew Lih noted, later, ”You are reinventing curricula in the middle of the semester sometimes.”

Hoder Derakhshan, the Iranian-born blogger/activist calls the ubiquity of algorithm-based formula filtering process as ”the tyranny of the popular (after Alexis de Toqueville’s Tyranny of the Majority)”

Michael Rogers, who has been the ”resident futurist” at The New York times for a little over two years believed that 2007 was the turning point in which big media absorbed the lessons of new media. He cites the rise of blogs and user-generated content in old media.

(image via nymieg)