Changes to Beacon Are Coming

Caroline McCarthy has posted about a second offensive being launched by Apparently their statements last week were not enough. After Caroline wrote about’s post, Facebook posted a response stating:

Facebook is listening to feedback from its users and committed to evolving Beacon so users have even more control over the actions shared from participating sites with their friends on Facebook. Facebook already has made changes to ensure that no information is shared unless a user receives notifications both on a participating website and on Facebook.

What this sounds like is that Facebook will soon respond by making changes to Beacon. immediately responded stating that Facebook has not actually changed anything to Beacon. While they haven’t, I’d be willing to bet that Facebook is going to add the global opt-out option that was present on early screenshots of Facebook Beacon.

While most users haven’t been overly vocal about the Facebook Beacon service, bloggers definitely have. I can guarantee that the bloggers are not going to shut up until Facebook either makes Beacon an opt-in service or adds a global opt-out option. Do you think Facebook should change their Beacon system?